1Efficiency’s Technology

1Efficiency’s technology provides (1) Data automation & aggregation, (2) Information generation and (3) Timely Knowledge creation which are then delivered through 1Efficiency’s customer friendly suite of applications i.e. EnergyInsightDashboard™, EnergyReports™, PeakDemandAlert™ and EnergySavingConcierge™.

1. Data Automation and Aggregation :

EnergyConsumptionDatabase™ : 1Efficency operates a large scale mission critical database in the cloud that automatically retrieves data from both traditional utility meters and the so called "smart devices" or Building "internet of thing" devices ("BIoT"). The data is automatically retrieved and then aggregated in the database from the following major sources:

  • Smart BIoT devices such as smart-meters, smart-sensors, smart-thermostats, smart-LED lights, solar meters and other building automation systems,
  • Traditional Utility providers and Independent System Operators,
  • Third party sub-meter vendors and device manufacturers,
  • State and Federal data sources and
  • Weather stations throughout the United States and Canada.

To sum it all, the 1Efficiency’s EnergyConsumptionDatabaseor BIoT database is a cloud-based "big-data" repository that automates and aggregates all the data associated with energy devices throughout United States and Canada.

1Efficiency’s customers typically authorize their utility providers to turn on their data to the 1Efficiency cloud. Once authorized, the data automatically flows into 1Efficiency’s EnergyConsumptionDatabase. This eliminates the need for customers to manually put data in spreadsheets.This automation provides the foundation for customers to manage energy more effectively and to reduce their overall cost.

2. Converting Data into Information :

EnergyPortfolioBuilder™ : All the data aggregated in the EnergyConsumptionDatabase is automatically analyzed for each building. Each building is then compared against industry benchmarks and color coded as red, yellow or green depending upon its energy performance. The EnergyPortfolioBuilder is used to build a portfolio of buildings under management which can then be monitored and managed as an asset. Over time energy performance of each building can be improved and customers can visually see their red buildings convert to yellow and their yellow buildings convert to green. A powerful visual tool when combined with targeted and timely saving recommendations provides a practical approach and motivation to achieving real savings.

3. Timely Knowledge Delivery :

EnergySavingsEngine™ : 1Effiiency offers a 12 step approach to savings. The Energy Savings Engine works behind the scene 24 hours a day to analyze potential savings for customers. These savings are then delivered through timely and targeted feedback. Many of these savings are software based and require no upfront investment. Customers can follow them to achieve savings. For example following instructions and recommendations on a targeted PeakDemandAlert™ are guaranteed to achieve savings. Supplier switching and tenant engagement are also examples of achieving real savings. In addition to software based savings, 1Efficiency can also makes recommendations for deeper savings through capital improvement projects that can be executed over time through 1Efficiency’s network of partners.

To sum it all, 1Efficiency provides right information at the right time to right people to achieve tangible and real savings.

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