Energy Management for Executives who are Property Owners & Property Manager

1Efficiency offers an Energy Management product-suite for executives who own or manage properties and facilities. 1Efficiency's products are easy to use and do not require any upfront cost or capital expense. The product-suite provides customers with complete automation and control over their utility related expenses for their building portfolio. With control, customers can launch initiatives that can result in 10-15% savings without any hardware or capital expense. Investment decisions on new projects can then be undertaken to maximize returns. The tool also offers Measurement & Verification capability to track savings and progress of sustainability goals.

Feature & Benefits

Utility data collection is automated. Eliminates rekeying. Saves time.

1Efficency automatically gets billing and usage data from your electric, water and gas utilities for all your utility meters, sub-meters and smart meters. Under the hood, your billing and consumption data flows directly into our EnergyConsumptionDatabase™ eliminating all manual effort.

Executive Dashboard for entire Portfolio. Gives you Control.

EnergyInsight™ is a dashboard available to end users from any web browser that shows each building in your portfolio to be color coded as red, orange or green based upon its energy performance. You can easily understand trends, identify anomalies and understand how all buildings in your portfolio are performing as an asset, based upon 1Efficiency's building indexes.

Targeted Feedback Reports. Improve Oversight and Quality of Service.

Receive targeted EnergyReports™ from your dashboard and via email for your overall building portfolio or by building, by utility, by meter and by zone. Get to know how well your buildings are performing compared to other buildings in your portfolio, compared to the Department of Energy's building industry benchmark and compared to historic performance of the building.

Portfolio-wide Recommendations. Achieve Savings.

EnergySavingsConcierge™ provides a twelve step approach to soft and hard savings. Soft savings are achieved by eliminating manual effort such as by automating data access from utilities, while hard savings are actual savings achieved, such as through timely PeakDemandAlert™ delivered to you on a very hot or cold day for the purpose of conserving power on the day when the price of electricity is highest.

Get Started today. Get control of Utilities. Reduce Cost.