1Efficiency’s mission is to enhance the performance and efficiency of the masses of buildings in an easy and affordable manner while reducing energy usage, operational cost and carbon emissions.

1Efficiency is built from the ground up with a customer-first focus so that we can deliver on our mission.

  • To us it starts with employees who are passionate about technology, energy conservation and above all customers.
  • We are also relentless about making our products easy to use.
  • Our products are affordable as they are designed for the mass market.

1Efficiency is motivated to bringing efficiency to our customers in every aspect of our business.

1Efficiency is different from any other company because our customers get complete control of their building portfolio and they achieve real savings. Here are the 7 key reasons:

  1. Mass Market Appeal: 1Efficiency is designed for the masses of buildings to become energy efficient. We designed the product from the ground up with the mass-market business model. The product is easy to deploy, easy to use, does not require any installation in a building, has no special integration needs and customers can be enabled in minutes. In fact buildings can be provisioned remotely without setting foot in a building.

  2. Energy Consumption Database is industry's first energy data in the cloud that accesses and aggregates data from various sources including old utility meters, smart meters, sub-meters, wifi-enabled building "Internet of Thing" devices and many other sources. The data is then aggregated with appropriate context and delivered in a meaningful way to customers. Our customers don't need to re-key data in spreadsheets or manually enter data in desktop applications.

  3. Not just data collection but we deliver intelligent feedback and targeted feedback to deliver real Savings: We are committed to delivering real savings. Our product delivers specific recommendations and provides targeted and timely intelligence to deliver real savings.

  4. Product for Executives: 1Efficiency's products are designed for CxO executives who want top level control and oversight across all properties in their portfolio. Most competitive products are not designed for executives, are focused on a single building and do not scale for a portfolio.

  5. Software-only approach: 1Efficiency is developing a software-only business. Our strategy is to develop software-based technology that makes it easier for building owners and managers to easily reduce their energy usage and cost without deploying any new hardware, equipment or capital expense. This strategy removes the barriers by eliminating all upfront investment and cost.

  6. Low or No Risk, Non intrusive model: 1Efficiency's products can be provisioned remotely without setting foot in the building. This non intrusive approach results in low or no risk.

  7. Channel play: 1Efficiency works exclusively with a number of channel partners who white label or resell 1Efficiency's products either as part of their solution or as a separate product.

1Efficiency's approach is to offer software-based products and technologies. Our software provides three core capabilities: First it automates accessing of all energy and related data from disparate sources and devices; second it aggregate this data into meaningful Information; and third it applies this information within the context of a customer's portfolio of buildings to generate timely & actionable intelligence or knowledge that is delivered well. These three capabilities are delivered through our products that customers use and technology behind the scene.

1Efficiency’s customer friendly application-suite consists of five applications. These applications are:

  1. EnergyInsightDashboard™: Key Energy Management Dashboard available from any web browser.

  2. EnergyReports™: A set of standard Energy Reports available from dashboard or through email.

  3. PeakDemandAlert™: An application that sends peak demand alerts.

  4. EnergySavingConcierge™: An application that provides saving recommendations.

  5. PortfolioBuilder™: An administrative interface to configure a customer's building portfolio.

1Efficiency’s core technology is:

  1. EnergyConsumptionDatabase™ A cloud based database that automates all energy and related data.

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