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Building-to-Grid Software Platform and applications to improve Building efficiency and performance

The platform is open and standards-based. It’s low-touch, non-intrusive and does not require any complicated installation or capital-expense.

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News & Events

  • June 13, 2013

    Boston, MA

    CEO Tony Giroti speaks about ‘Reducing Your Energy Cost’ @12:45-1:45 pm at the Northeast Building & Facilities Management Show & Conference (NEBFM). Register

  • May 23, 2013

    Portland, OR
    CEO Tony Giroti leads the track for Building to Grid integration in the First International Conference & Workshop on Transactive Energy.  More
  • May 2, 2013

    Boston, MA
    CEO Tony Giroti leads the track for Clean Tech and Energy IT at the TiECON East, annual conference. More

Monitor Energy Use

Monitor and compare your utility cost and usage across one or more facilities. Data is accessed from utilities, meters and sub-meters, and integrated so you can easily monitor your electric, water and gas usage across one or more locations – all from a single dashboard.


Manage Energy Cost

Get Intelligent Energy Feedback based upon behavior science to manage and reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint. Intelligent feedback is actionable and can be calibrated for different building stakeholders — owner, manager, chief engineer, tenants and employees.


Reduce Peak Demand

Get alerts prior to peak demand usage. Predictive analytic algorithms provide forecast of peak energy demand which when combined with intelligent feedback provides opportunity to reduce peak demand charges. Peak demand refers to the times of day when electricity consumption is at its highest.


Compliance Reporting

Comply with local laws and regulatory mandates for Energy Efficiency compliance and benchmark reporting. We support compliance reporting for NYC, Washington D.C, San Francisco, Seattle and Austin.

Are you ?

Building Consultant

Enable your building customers with online access to meter interval data from your private labeled web site. Offer them intelligent energy feedback to reduce their utility cost. Generate new revenue by saving them money.

Building Manager

Capitalize on the low hanging fruit of Energy Efficiency without any hardware cost. Provide tenants with the energy consumption data. When ready, provide intelligent feedback to reduce energy usage cost and peak demand charges.

Building Owner

Launch Energy Efficiency initiative in your building without any hardware investment or capital expenses. Provide property manager and tenants with dashboards to encourage efficiency and sustainability. Make your building greener and more desirable in days.

Company or Tenant

Manage your Utility costs across all your building and sites. See how one site compares against the other and offer best practices to encourage energy efficiency and sustainability. Employees can participate actively in your company’s vision and can help make a difference.

Building Supplier

Do you supply solar panels, LED lighting, sensors or other equipment? Give your customers access to their energy costs and help them understand their return on investment from your own branded web site.

We invite you to become our partner!

If you are an Energy Consultant, Energy Auditor, Property Manager or a Building supplier we invite you to become our partner. We deliver our premium services such as Energy Management Dashboards, Proactive Appliance Maintenance and Compliance Reporting through a network of partners who white label our products for their customers. Become our partner today and start generating more business or deliver more value to your customers.


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